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Michael Jackson Resurrection – new show

A show of Miguel Borja “Michael”.

mjMusic surrounds us causing a buzz with his subjects to remember one of the greatest artists of all time, Michael Jackson, to make way for the dancer-wannabe with charisma and energy all its scenic tries to bring his art to great and small. It is a show suitable for all audiences.

Our artist, the way of giving the public, trying to send a very important message: we can all be great if we propose, no matter the sacrifice or the time we need.

The most important thing is to fill in his show of emotions to the audience.

Let them live, laugh, feel and enjoy your show.

Michael strongly identify with their idol.



     Performance space: INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR
     Measures: 5m. wide, 3m. background
     Current: 220V.
     Power: 1000 w.
     Material: 2 colored lights, smoke machine if possible.
     Transport from Barcelona
     “Cache” more displacement, lunch or dinner if the distance required.
     Public Relations: Elisabeth Mateo Flores

Contact Details

– 08004 Barcelona
– Mobile: +034 666 956 699 – +034 637 931 500
– E-mail:
– YouTube:
– Facebook: