About the artist

Espectáculos Michael Jackson imitaciónMiguel Borja was born on August 29, 1975 in Quito (Ecuador). A great coincidence: the same day and month that his idol Michael Jackson.

From an early start with the dance, at 8 years old, when his first album THRILLER reference. Takes his first steps as a dancer cheering block parties all their neighbors who admired his art. He comes from a family of artists.

His brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. They are lovers of music and dance.

Miguel at age 15 and began to participate in dance competitions in discotheques to almost always be first. At 18 he created his first dance group, Michael Jackson Ecuadorian, giving you the chance to be on television, radio and the print media nationwide, which would give way to his tours around the country, working in all kinds of interviews sociocultural events.

At 26, coming to settle in Barcelona (Spain). You know you have to start from scratch. So look for places to make your show and very successfully achieved the first three months. Then he discovers a magical place full of joy that shone with its own light, full of street performers and a multicultural audience. This place is the Ramblas in Barcelona. With so he decides to try his luck as a street artist, succeeding sastisfactoriamente.

Later in the same city created a dance group with the company Experience, Michael Jackson called BCN.

Whether working as a street performer gives you the opportunity to rcodearse with larger, not only on the street but in general terms to learn everything good from the best.

He has appeared in many national and international programs, such as: MTV Italy, TV3 357 Boqueria, Barcelona Thriller Guinness Record, etc.

Later, embarks on a nationwide tour for all the major holidays in Spain always being greeted with a warm welcome by their fans.

Lately it has started at festivals worldwide street performers always with rave reviews.

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